Kinds of Water Pipes used in Building

The funnels system contains the entire game plan of directing, devices and machines used for water deftly and squander. The channels water deftly system contains water nimbly and movement pipes, taps, valves, amassing tanks, etc., while plumbing leakage structure involves wash bowls, water extra spaces, urinals, traps, soil waste funnels, vent pipes, septic tanks, etc.

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Kinds of Water Pipes used in Building

1. PVC Pipes

PVC pipes are used for inward and external water deftly system in structures.

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2. Copper Pipes

Copper channels of significant check and light measure are used for better assessment houses and where ground-water is significantly damaging to steel pipes.

3. Energized Iron Pipes

These channels of significant, medium and light level are generally used for water deftly and leakage in building improvement as they are down to earth.

4. Lead Pipes

These pipes are significantly disintegration sheltered and versatile.

Taps and stop-cocks in structures are open from iron, metal and chromium plated combinations.

Plumbing and Sanitary Items used in Building

External Water Supply System in Buildings

This structure includes water deftly from the source, for instance, bore well, well or water treatment plant to overhead water tanks and from overhead water tanks to the houses. For this, the cast iron channels or G.I. pipes are used.

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