A Special Look at Health Concerns for Women With Disabilities

Women and young ladies who live with a disability are among the most vulnerable population in the entire world. Based on this fact, it is important to recognize the issue and consider finding a way to help empower these women to help protect themselves against any kind of discrimination or violence. Studies have shown that routine physical fitness has a positive impact on overall health, but more importantly on self-confidence, and equips disabled women with the tools to help protect themselves from discriminating acts.

Decreasing Vulnerability
Women have a natural tendency to gravitate toward close personal friendships that hold a dear place in their hearts. It has been found that women with a circle of friends tend to have a better outlook on life and a higher self-esteem. For a woman with a disability, those friendships are even more important than for one without a disability. Finding lasting friendships, for a woman with special needs, helps to create a positive impact on chipping away at her vulnerability. When someone feels isolated and all alone, it is easier for them to get taken advantage of. Solid friendships are key to changing the worldview on women with disabilities.

Incorporating Exercise
Women with disabilities should consider incorporating exercise into their daily routine. Instead of viewing exercise as a chore, it should be considered part of a lifestyle, this way it can be tackled as a marathon and not a sprint. Some workouts will produce better results than others and it is OK to not get caught up in perfection, in fact, it is a good thing to avoid rigidity in a fitness program. Fun is the name of the game in fitness, for without it, what is the point of spending so much time on something you would absolutely dread?

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Women have a different set of health concerns to contend with than men. Factor this in with an already existing disability, and it just doesn’t seem fair. The most prevalent health concerns for women include, but are not limited to, breast cancer, cancer of the reproductive organs, and heart disease. Heart disease is actually the number one killer of women, which is why incorporating exercise into the lifestyle is important to ward off the silent killer. In addition to the mentioned health conditions, there are a myriad of additional medical conditions that can affect the health of a woman, which can be minimized by regular exercise.

Promoting Female Fitness
Women are athletes. Athletes are women. Women enjoy the sense of belonging. For women looking to partake in an empowering fitness program, you can find a specialized fitness service that offers 12-week sessions of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) that were designed to meet the individualized needs of those with disabilities. MMA is not just a sport for men; women seeking a fun workout as well as self-defense skill building are perfect students for this program. The goal is to reduce the level of vulnerability for women with disabilities.

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