the Same Messages on Every Platform

If you want to minimize the number of social media mistakes you and your business make, here are ten lessons you can learn from others’ trial and error:

Putting the Same Messages on Every Platform

Many of us still making this mistake of putting the same messages on every platform but the social media platforms have their own unique nuances. As a result, it’s important to take time to understand those differences, and then adjust your efforts on each platform accordingly.

Prioritizing Quantity

A few hundred followers who are likely to become customers are much better than thousands of followers who have little to no interest in what your company actually does. So instead of trying to appeal to the masses, focus your social marketing efforts on attracting your target demographic.

Posting in the Heat of the Moment

One of the biggest social media mistakes any individual or business can make is firing off a message when they don’t have a level head. Whether someone is out having a few drinks in the evening or your company just received a nasty message from a troll, these aren’t the times to respond. Instead, make sure you and anyone else involved with your social media are always calm and collected before sending anything out.

Not Making a Compelling Bio

Since plenty of people’s first interaction with you and your business may be through a social media profile, make sure your profile provides a compelling reason for them to start following you.

Using the Wrong Posting Frequency

Although it can take a little time, it’s crucial to find the right balance between posting too much and too little. The key is to post enough so that people stay interested, but not so much that they feel like they’re drowning in information.

Never Proofreading

Even though social media is causal, you don’t want every tweet or message you post to be full of spelling mistakes. Since that can cloud your message, take two seconds to look for any errors and fix them before publishing.

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