For Those Who Suffer From Asthma or COPD: Here’s How to Use a Nebulizer

One piece of equipment that many asthmatics come to learn intimately is a nebulizer. A nebulizer is quite simply a breathing machine that turns liquid medicine into a mist making it easy to inhale. The jet nebulizer is the most common type used, especially for children.

These nebulizers are very easy to use and allow the children to inhale medicine through a mask or a mouthpiece by just breathing naturally. This ensures that more medication is delivered to the bronchioles and the lungs as opposed to using an inhaler, where most of the medication is delivered to the back of the throat unless used properly. These inhalers are more difficult for young children because they require a high degree of coordination of hands, mouth and breathing.

Because nebulizers make it easier for infants and young children to get more of the medication they are most often used in children. However, using the nebulizer requires the use of a mask over both the nose and mouth which can feel claustrophobic to some young children. Once parents have gotten the hang of setting the nebulizer up, it is important to incorporate a few different techniques to make the time easier for both you and your child.

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