Does the Increase of Sales Online Mean the End of UK High Street Shopping?

Shopping in the UK high street is changing as I am sure you are aware. Lots of our UK high street shops are empty and boarded up as more and more go out of business. Even long-established shops and chains like Empire Stores and Woolworths, (who now only have an online presence), Borders Books, Peacocks and Principles, Virgin Media, Focus DIY, M.F.I., etc, etc. the list is getting longer week by week. There are many issues, such as the high cost of overheads such as business rates as well as competition from the supermarkets. One thing I never particularly liked about most town centres was the presence of the big national chains. It made every town centre alike. One reason for this is that they can afford the high overheads. Shopping in the UK is also susceptible to ravages of the UK climate. Customers are also being hit by the higher cost of fuel to drive to UK shops and parking when they get there. It is no wonder that UK shops are struggling. Massive new UK shopping precincts are becoming more popular as people enjoy the convenience of free parking, plus dozens of stores all in one place, but we may have to drive further to get there and many people do not have the luxury of a large car for them and all their families plus shopping.

Shopping online is often a welcome alternative. Sit at home on your computer and comfortably browse or search all the uk shops you like. Delivery will take only a few days at most to your own front door. Some supermarkets are already delivering groceries to our doors with great success along with one or two ‘ready meals’ companies. Other advantages of online UK shopping are the massive choice that you have at your fingertips. You can quickly find things that would otherwise have taken a long time searching for in the high street stores or even in a massive shopping precinct. They may, indeed only be available online. How often have you been high street shopping and been given the run-around? or told that “we can order it for you, come back tomorrow” or “next week”?

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