Dyslexia in Famous People – Do These Famous People Have Dyslexia?


As people are becoming more open and honest about dyslexia, there is a growing number of famous people with dyslexia who are talking about how this condition has affected them. By doing so, these famous stars have the opportunity to become role models to their fellow sufferers- shiny lights of determination and inspiration. Let us not forget though that dyslexia is a complex condition with lots of unknown elements. In this article, I want to examine the dyslexia of famous people whose condition is a source of much debate and who are believed by some people to have dyslexia and by other people to not have dyslexia!

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was in the right place at the right time. Few people can argue with how vital his role was in leading Britain during World War Two. He was a strong and an immensely charismatic figure who lead and inspired his country through some incredibly tough and challenging times. For much of the Second World War, Germany seemed to be the likely victor. He was never better than when he was making speeches- imploring the people of Britain to continue the fight against Germany despite all the hardships. Such strong verbal skills do fit a profile of someone with dyslexia although lots of people believe that Winston Churchill was dyslexic, there are some who believe that he was not. Part of the difficulty with Churchill’s dyslexia is that much of the evidence comes from his own words. Churchill was keen to emphasise how much he struggled at school- but this image of a down trodden person who overcame impossible odds, was crucial to the propaganda of the war!

Walt Disney

Walt Disney is perhaps the most famous name in the cartoon and animation world. Walt was the creative genius behind Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto. Characters which have all played a part in most of our childhoods. Apart from the characters, it was this mans brainchild to create the theme parks such as Disneyland and Disney World. Walt Disney’s dyslexia is also strongly denied by certain family members. It seems that Walt Disney was believed to have dyslexia because of the numerous stories that there are about him having childhood fatigue and struggling with his schoolwork. However, his fatigue and his inability to get schoolwork done has also been attributed to him having quite a few jobs whilst at school which naturally made him tired and more incapable of getting schoolwork done.

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