Famous Parks to Visit in Spain

For a tourist, there are many options in Spain. You can visit beaches, monuments, churches, palaces, shopping areas and parks. This article will focus on the beautiful and famous parks for tourists to visit in Spain. These parks are unique and you will find unique plant species in these parks. Some of the famous parks are:

De la Ciudadella Park:
This park is located in the Barri Gotic district of Spain and is famous for the great history it has. This park was first constructed in the form of a fortress by King Felipe V during the year 1715 and this fortress was constructed with a star shaped design. During the rule of Germans own this place, Napoleon used this fortress as a prison. In the year 1878, the place was completely destructed by General Prim and at this place one statue of Prim was placed. Finally this place was altered in the form of a park by the Government of Spain. This is among the biggest parks of Spain and it also has some monuments which are historic.

Guell Park:
This park is famous in Spain for different reasons. It is designed by the famous architect of the country Antanio Gaudi. In fact this park is a master piece of his work. The place of the park was first selected for the construction of a residential colony but later on this place was converted into a park on account of the rocky area. This is among those places in Spain which have the status of World Heritage from UNESCO. This park has some great works by many famous sculptors which highlight the beauty of the park.

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