Jamaica Beaches – The Place To Consider Some Famous Jamaicans!

Jamaica Beaches are a great place for contemplation, if you can factor in the weather, the gorgeous local bikini clad population that cover the sand and the head bobbing Reggae music that seems to follow you wherever you go: and did I mention the rum punch!

When your laying on your favorite Jamaican beach, surveying your surroundings, you would not be surprised to learn that this small island has produced not one but three, yes three, Miss World winners.

Of course, those of us, lucky enough to have spent some time on these awesome beaches are more than surprised that it has only been three: I counted dozens of possibles, the last time I visited Negril. Ocho Rios produced another dozen candidates and the local ladies playing in the water at Bluefields, well you get the idea.

This is not so amazing, of course, when you consider that such personalities as Naomi Campbell and Grace Jones hail from Jamaican backgrounds. This island produces some beautiful, and some, eventually famous, people.

Harry Belafonte and Desmond Dekker for example, didn’t do so badly in the music and entertainment industry. Linford Christie and Donovan Bailey certainly made their marks in the world of sport: especially at the Olympics. In fact Jamaica is quite well known for it’s track and field performers, as well as it’s cricketers and boxers.

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