Increase Your Sales With Rewards

A free, often underutilized feature in Point of Sale, is the Rewards Program. The Rewards Program is designed to help you encourage shoppers to be rewarded for shopping with you. This feature is turned on in the Customer Menu (Customers>Rewards Manager).

Once the feature is turned on, you then need to decide

  • How much the customer needs to spend before they qualify for a reward
  • The amount of the reward (either dollars or a percent off)
  • When the Reward expires (your choices range from No Expiration to 1 Year)
  • Tracking period (you can have a definite start and end date or leave it open ended). If you want to change the rewards structure periodically, then you would most likely want a start and ending date.
  • Whether to automatically enroll new customers (you can have a prompt appear for a clerk to ask if a customer wants to sign up when the clerk is ringing up a sale)
  • Let the clerk know when the customer has reached their Rewards level
  • How quickly the rewards can be used (can they use it that day or do they have to come back)
  • Which items can earn rewards is done at the Item level


What you can’t do is have more than 1 reward at a time (i.e. you can’t have one reward for spending $300 and a different reward for $700) or different rewards ($10 off for one reward and 10% off for a different reward) depending on the item and customer. You could, though, create a coupon for certain items or automatic discounts.

If you want to see if a customer is close to reaching their reward level (to encourage more shopping), it depends on the version of your POS on how you do it.

In older versions, you can see the rewards right on the Sales Receipt simply by holding your mouse over the Rewards icon.

For version 10, you will need to click on the magnifying glass to the right of the customer name on the Sales Receipt and you will be taken to the customer information screen where you can see the Rewards information.

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