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Tips for internet marketing are all over the place. One bit of advice to take however is to build your own blog. Blog stands for web log. It is one way you can promote your own website, your online products, or affiliate products. The advantage is that you can have your own professional looking presence on the internet without having to buy web hosting space and you do not have to build your own website.

A blog or web log is free to create. So you do not have to purchase web hosting space and you do not need a server. weblogright And it is easy to set up your blog on the free software sites. You simply follow the easy steps after you sign up for your account.

Then choose a market you want to write or blog about. Let us say you like scuba diving. In fact it is your passion. You create a blog and write about scuba diving. Your write about trips you have taken, equipment you have used, safety tips.

You need to build an affiliate link so that when people click that link the company will identify you as the person who is to get the commission. You can then create a blog about scuba diving. You can write daily posts about scuba safety tips, places to go scuba diving, and even stories about when you have gone scuba diving.

Then talk up the products you are promoting. Then invite your readers to go to that website via your affiliate link. When they buy you earn a commission. You can even do a product review of the products you are promoting as an affiliate. People will trust your opinion and in your recommendation you include your affiliate link so people can buy the product.

You did not have to buy hosting space or build your own website. If you have a website you can also create a blog and promote your website with your blog. You can build a following on your blog and then remind your following to go to your website to read about your products. One other advantage of a blog is that search engines like them because they are usually filled with new content on a regular basis.

The more recent and relevant content you have on your blog based on your subject matter the more likely it will rise in the search engine ranking. The search engines look for new content and reward the site with the newest content with a higher ranking.

Static websites on the other hand do not have the content updated as much as a blog does. This is one more reason to promote your website with a blog because your blog will be ranked higher in some cases on the search engine than your website. One other great tip is to get started. You can read about building your online business. But until you actually do something you are simply on the sidelines watching others play the game.

John Hawke is an experienced Internet Marketer who enjoys sharing his passion for earning an income online. His first successful online business project began in 2005. Since then he has grown his online businesses to earn in the high five figures annually.

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