The Constitutional Flaw In The Rule Of Law

Our nation’s wise Founders developed the United States Constitution with a plethora of check and balance systems for the specific purpose to forever eradicate tyranny and arbitrary punishment to the people. Many people rightfully expect different branches of government to place a check on the others to ensure no branch of government exceeds their scope of legal authority. The Founders primarily gave the duty of government oversight of the Executive and Legislative political branches to the people with rights to vote. They also gave the people the right to sit on juries to ensure our Judicial branch was not abusing power to arbitrarily harm the people. These systems were designed to enforce the rule of law on all people and the government to ensure a just society so our free government would always exist.

Wise Founder Charles Pickney from South Carolina who helped write and design the U. S. Constitution made a profound statement concerning how the Constitution had a flaw where tyranny could form. Every member of the Continental Congress had to travel back to their own colony or State to get the U.S. Constitution ratified by their government. On January 16, 1788 during the “Debates in the Legislature and in Convention of the State of South Carolina, on the Adoption of the Federal Constitution” in the House of Representatives, Honorable Charles Pickney stated, “[H]e is also, to remain in office but four years. He might ask, then, From whence are the dangers of the executive to proceed? It maybe said, From a combination of the executive and the Senate, they might form a baneful (deadly) aristocracy.” This foresight describes exactly how United States President Donald Trump has obtained powers of an unchecked King being deadly to many people by having an alliance with U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch A. McConnell Jr., and the Republican majority in the United States Senate.

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