\”What Do You Do to Unplug and Engage?

How do you unplug, relax, and unwind?

How do you recharge your battery?

What makes you happy, makes you smile, and uplifts your spirit?

During a beautiful sunny day, around 70 degrees, (two weeks ago), my husband and I took out our boat with our older son, daughter in law, and grandchild. We drove our boat to a nearby public island to walk by the water, sit in the sand and watch the birds, pelicans, seagulls, and a heron fly and swim. It was an amazing afternoon!

What do you do to recharge your battery and relax with your family?

What outing can you go on with your family to get outside and enjoy nature?

I came across a magic pill that helps clear the cobwebs of your mind, gives you more energy, improves your relationships, and even makes you look better. The pill isn’t a pill, it’s a pair of exercise shoes.

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