A Review of British Airways

British Airways is of course the national airline of the United Kingdom. It is a massive airline and flies both nationally and internationally to many hundreds of destinations. The main headquarters of the airline is Heathrow Airport in London.

British Airways operated for many years in a protected position as certain routes were only offered to them and they were (and to some extent still are) given preferential placement at most of the major UK airports like Heathrow and Gatwick. Unfortunately this protection did not last, and like many state-owned airlines, BA has had to re-invent the business in some respects in order to survive the increase in competition. Sometimes this was not handled well, for example with the Virgin Airlines fiasco. British Airlines was eventually fined and forced to apologise for ‘dirty tricks’ that it carried out against Virgin Airlines.

British Airways was one of only two airlines that operated the Concorde. This became a flagship for the airline and it was used for daily flights between London and New York. However eventually the Concorde was taken out of operation due to spiralling costs and decreasing passenger numbers. At the moment the airline operates predominantly Boeing aircraft, with one notable difference. BA have fitted the aircraft with British-built Rolls Royce engines. However they also have a smaller fleet of Airbus.

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