How Do You Decide British Domicile Status or Otherwise?

The British laws are very clear about the domicile status or otherwise of any person living in the United Kingdom. The law classifies British domicile status as three types, origin, choice, and dependence. If you are clear about your domicile status, it will be easy to understand the laws applicable to this aspect. Otherwise, the entire issue can become quite complicated and confusing. The following points should help you understand whether you are a British domicile or not.

Domicile of Origin

You acquire a domicile of origin in the United Kingdom through your birth. If your father is a domicile of British, you also automatically become a local domicile. If your parents are not married but if your mother is a British domicile, then also you can claim local domicile. This domicile of origin is applicable to you as long you accept it but will cease to be applicable if you acquire a new domicile in any other country. Further, if your father is not a British domicile but a foreign domicile, you will inherit that domicile from him, even if you were born in Britain. However, you can accept British domicile by choice by living in the UK permanently.

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