My Top 3 Favorite Las Vegas Helicopter Tours to the Grand Canyon

Vegas is the ideal beginning stage for a helicopter visit through the Grand Canyon. It just requires an hour to get toward the West Rim from Vegas, and in light of the fact that the visits are so famous, there is a wide decision in visit bundles accessible. To assist you with picking probably the best visit, I’ll list my best three top choices beneath.

About Helicopter Tours Of The South Rim

Right now, all helicopter trips out of Vegas go toward the West Rim, so on the off chance that you need to visit the South Rim, you’ll need to remember that. The path around this is to book a visit that accompanies a one hour plane trip to the little air terminal in Arizona where the helicopter voyages through the South Rim withdraw.

Additionally, in the event that you need to take a helicopter visit where the airplane sets down inside the Canyon, you’ll need to do that at the West Rim. The choice to land is the reason the Vegas to West Rim flights are in such interest. Helicopters aren’t allowed to land at the South Rim, yet you can in any case take a ground visit by adding on a Jeep ride through the Canyon or climbing the grand path.

With those significant calls attention to of the way, we can investigate my suggested three voyages through the Canyon.

Visit #1 Picnic And Champagne Toast

This is perhaps the most mainstream visits accessible, and it is energetically suggested. This visit withdraws Vegas and heads for the West Rim following a flight way that gives you an astonishing 10,000 foot perspective on the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead en route. At the point when you get to the Canyon, your helicopter makes an energizing plummet trip to the lower part of the Canyon where you are blessed to receive a Champagne excursion. The cookout is by the Colorado River where you can appreciate the lovely landscape of the waterway and brilliant stone dividers of the Canyon.

Visit #2 Helicopter Flight With River Float Upgrade

This visit is an amazing method to see the Canyon. In the first place, your helicopter gives you a flying perspective on the West Rim, and afterward it makes the plummet to the Canyon floor. You are given some an ideal opportunity to investigate the region by walking before you are taken to the beginning stage of the waterway visit. The waterway visit covers 13 miles of the Colorado River starting at the Hoover Dam. In the event that you possess energy for this all-encompassing visit, it is an incredible method to see the Canyon from an exceptional point of view.

Visit #3 Land On Top Of The Rim And On The Canyon Floor

The visit helicopters can arrive on top of the edge just as on the base. You can even book an astonishing visit that allows you to arrive on top of the edge just as on the base so you can see the two zones of the Canyon. Other than being the place where the Skywalk is found, the highest point of the edge additionally has some picturesque strolling trails and post focuses to visit. The Skywalk is the principle fascination nonetheless. It is an enormous design made of glass and steel that gives the most remarkable perspectives as you stroll on the straightforward floor 4000 feet over the lower part of the Canyon and 70 feet past the edge of the edge. It is certainly something you need to encounter on the off chance that you land on top of the edge.

Go With The Deluxe Tour

The visits come in fundamental and select adaptations, and you ought to pick the special visit except if your financial plan is excessively close. The cash spent on a luxurious visit is well great. The luxurious visits fly on EcoStar 130 choppers, and these are around 25 percent roomier than the choppers utilized on the fundamental visits, so you’ll be substantially more agreeable because of the additional room and arena style seating. The lodge in an EcoStar is calmer as well, and the ride is smoother. The principle bit of leeway to the special flight is the helicopter’s window, which folds over the airplane giving an unhampered all encompassing perspective on the view beneath you. Another advantage is that the exclusive visits leave from a helipad on the Vegas Strip, and you’ll be furnished with pickup and drop off assistance in a limousine.

Likewise, it is exceptionally hot in the Canyon late in the day, so wear defensive garments on the off chance that you go, or even better, attempt to book an early visit so your visit will be done before it gets so hot. Wear sun block as well, and take additional water so you can remain hydrated.

How about we Wrap Up

Helicopter visits are famous and sell out rapidly, so you need to book your visit in any event t

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