Blank Excel Pay Stubs: A Tool for the Novice User

Between orders and receipts and invoices and delivery notes, the amount of paperwork handled by a business on a daily basis is staggering. Add these to the details required to prepare pay slips and any business will soon require Microsoft excel to manage its payroll. This is a unique software add-on that allows a beginner to create pay stubs with relative ease.

Microsoft Excel templates are convenient software a business can use to prepare employee paychecks as per its policy, whether weekly, or monthly. There are several types of templates to pick from, but the novice user is probably better off using the blank Excel pay stub.

This is an added feature on your normal Microsoft Excel. Once activated, the software extracts employee information from the company data base and prepares required documentation for payroll management. One convenient feature of this software is that it ensures that the pay stubs generated are nearly flawless.
The terms of employment may differ from one employee to another, thereby necessitating some differences in terms of the template used in the preparation of their pay stubs. But, there is some information that must be included regardless of the nature of employment.

Federal law prescribes what should be included in a pay stub; these details are the employee’s gross and net pay, federal and state tax and any other deductions. Where local authorities levy taxes or rates, these should also be included. Any other pre-tax deductions such as 401 K payments should also be indicated. The desired end result is an indication of the particular employees Net Pay.


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