Blank Printable Pay Stubs – It’s a Leap of Faith

We all know what a pay stub is. Depending on how our pay period went, we either jump up and down with glee when we see it or we get more depressed than a stay-at-home mom who’s just run out of her Lithium prescription.

This is a reflection of us, a sharp reminder of where we are and raises the question, “is this it?” or maybe you are happy at your workplace and getting paid well too. You are one of the few who do like their jobs, enjoy it and never take it for granted. But what about the rest of us, caught up in the rat race just barely making it to pay your bill, this is a metaphor for life.

Let’s look at a simple pay stub. It has the company logo, your gross pay, the deductions to Uncle Sam, insurance details and finally your net salary. Now make your own pay stub using a blank printable pay stub. Make your own company logo. Picture it in your head. What would it look like? Add a little slogan below it that says what your company does. What about income. How much would you like to pay yourself? Nice. I already feel the warmth of a smile on your face. What about deductions? What would you like to pay for? A new house, a trip to Paris, prestigious ballet lessons for your little girl, the list is endless. If you are not a Math head don’t worry about the calculations. This is not a lesson in accounting. It’s a lesson on vision, your vision to be more specific.

Unfortunately for you, it doesn’t really work that way unless you own your own business and even if you do, chances a blank printable pay stub will only help in making your job easier when you are paying your employees. The fact is that, this is what these pay stubs are for. They are basically templates that you can use to make payroll easier. You can fill in the company’s logo if necessary, the employees name, the date, the amounts, deductions and all the other necessary information that is required on a pay stub. The next step would be to simply print the stubs and hand them off to the relevant personnel.

Depending on the template that you get or where you get your blank printable pay stub; you may even find that your job becomes a lot easier than you had initially anticipated. Some templates will allow you to set the tax calculations and other deductions beforehand, so that when you input the initial figure, it calculates the deductions for you automatically. This will save you a lot of time during the payroll period.


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