How To Beat Better Tennis Players

The first thing you have to do is change your mindset. Junior players who consistently lose to better players, expect to lose to them and that effect their performances in matches.

Learn to win in your mind, before you even play the match.

It really isn’t that difficult either. It does takes a lot of practice from you and you have to practice this everyday through warrior meditation. Start meditating on that today and I am going to give you 4 strategies for beating better tennis players in this article. You must become a better strategist for competition, if you want to beat the better players. You can’t just go out there, without a game plan in your head and expect to win. Strategize for your matches days and weeks before you play them and you will master the art of, “Winning in your mind first. ” Also, get the reps in and train for 3 hard long sets. No, I’m sorry, I meant to say 6 long sets.

Because if you train hard for 6 sets, 3 sets are going to be like a piece of cake for you to play!

Okay guys, listen up, because I’m getting ready to drop it on you.

Act Bold

At the start of the match, instead of looking afraid or timid, flip the script on them. Act like you expect to win the match.

Actually, act like you know you are going to win it and watch their reactions to you?

Their emotional response, will weaken them and you just score 2 free points before one ball was struck. This pre-match strategy, will also help you to feel more powerful and get you off to a good start in the match.


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