How to Stop Biting Your Nails, Even If You’ve Only Ever Had Stubs For Nails

Many people have habits that they would like to break. Nail biting is a common tendency and many wonder how to stop biting nails. There are several methods that are effective for many and there are products on the market to aid in avoiding this problem.

Since nail biting is often a nervous habit, many people find that they bite less if their hands are occupied. It is recommended to use a stress ball to keep the hands busy. Stress balls do help to take the mind off of other things and do tend to keep your nails safe.

Another method that is effective is using over the counter nail cream. This tastes very nasty and you actually paint it on your fingernails like nail polish. The idea is that if you forget and start to put your hands in your mouth; you will remember rather quickly to stop. As time goes by, a person will resort to biting their nails less often because you are essentially breaking your own habit.

Others recommend buying an expensive manicure to keep the biting under control. The brighter the color of the nail polish the better. If you get into the habit of taking good care of your nails; you will be able to break the destructive habit of biting them. This makes a lot of sense because nobody wants to waste money on something and then destroy it.

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