Time Travel and Its Impact on World Religions

I am a huge proponent of the link between UFOs and Time Travel. I can site numerous examples of apparent timeline tampering throughout history whenever UFOs appear. More interestingly, these events often are tied to religious clashes that are still unresolved today.

In their 2009 book, Wonders In The Sky, Jacques Vallee and Cris Aubeck describe a September 20th, 1571 flaming column of light seen over Lepanto, Italy as the Christian Papal Fleet prepared to depart for battle with Selim II, the Sultan of Turkey off the coast of Italy.

According to Alberto Guglielmotti, the Papal Historian of the fleet, “It was a clear starry night with a cool wind coming from the north. Suddenly a colossal fire in the shape of a flaming column was seen by everyone to cross the sky over a long period of time, filling the witnesses with great admiration… All the witnesses regarded this as a good omen and sensed they were on the verge of a great victory. They believed the column of fire was showing them the way, guiding the Christian fleet in the same way the people of Israel were guided across the desert… ”

On October 7th the Christian Fleet defeated the Muslim Fleet off the shores of Lepanto.

And this is not the first time we have perceived UFO interference regarding Muslims.

In 571 AD. just before the Prophet Mohammad was born an army of Ethiopians attacking Mecca to avenge the defiling of a church was destroyed by a purported flock ( air force?) of birds dropping stones. A theory suggests these birds were fighter jets dropping cluster bombs.

The Koran tells a short tale later recounted by other Islamic traditions about the encroaching army being destroyed by birds dropping stones from their claws and beaks.

The Koran in Sura 105 states:

Have you not considered, [O Muhammad], how your Lord dealt with the companions of the elephant?
Did He not make their plan into misguidance?
And He sent against them birds in flocks,
Striking them with stones of hard clay,
And He made them like eaten straw.

While the story has all the outward appearances of religious myth, could there be a technological solution to the tale.

Had the army not been defeated there existed the possibility that Mohammad’s family would have been killed in the onslaught as Mohammad’s grandfather was directly involved in the conflict.

In today’s scientific frame of reference which the ancient Arabs were not privy to, could the birds have been fighter jets and the stones they dropped cluster bombs? Think about it. Could stones from birds really defeat an army? Modern jets with cluster bombs could easily defeat and ancient land locked army. More interestingly, cluster bombs made out of non-metallic compounds would leave no technological evidence should anyone in the 21st or subsequent centuries desire to do an archaeological dig!

But for what agenda? If there is a temporal war in progress for centuries between two opposing forces then for whatever purpose? The supremacy of one religion over another perhaps or a future endgame as to who rules the planet? Is this something extraterrestrials would want to be involved in or is this more likely to be terrestrial pursuits using technology to alter history’s course in the past?

Were UFOs sent to alter the timeline to ensure Mohammad was born? The destruction of Mecca in the year of his birth may have made him a casualty. Could modern machines have infiltrated the time line to change it or ensure it wasn’t changed?

Likewise, did the Christian Fleet exactly 1000 years later enjoy the interference of a UFO in defeating the Muslim Turkish Fleet. We must ask why this interference!!!

One has to wonder if a power balance struggle is not ensuing across centuries.

One of the least known sky battles in the Bible takes place between 180 and 160 B.C. in the last book of the Catholic Bible called 2nd Maccabees. In chapter 5 we read of a battle over Jerusalem:

About this time Antiochus the Fourth made a second attack against Egypt. 2 For nearly forty days people all over Jerusalem saw visions of cavalry troops in gold armor charging across the sky. The riders were armed with spears and their swords were drawn. 3 They were lined up in battle against one another, attacking and counterattacking. Shields were clashing, there was a rain of spears, and arrows flew through the air. All the different kinds of armor and the gold bridles on the horses flashed in the sunlight. 4 Everyone in the city prayed that these visions might be a good sign.

A rain of spears??!!!! Arrows flying through the sky??!!! Missiles perhaps??? Oh to do an archeological dig and recover some specimen of this battle!!!!!

Even more bizarre, a second air battle unfolds in the skies over Jerusalem in 66 A.D. The first account is from the Jewish Historian Flavius Josephus and portend the destruction of Jerusalem 4 years later. Writing in 75 A.D. he says:

Besides these [signs], a few days after that feast, on the one- and-twentieth day of the month Artemisius, a certain prodigious and incredible phenomenon appeared; I suppose the account of it would seem to be a fable, were it not related by those that saw it, and were not the events that followed it of so considerable a nature as to deserve such signals; for, before sun-setting, chariots and troops of soldiers in their armor were seen running about among the clouds, and surrounding of cities. Moreover, at that feast which we call Pentecost, as the priests were going by night into the inner [court of the] temple, as their custom was, to perform their sacred ministrations, they said that, in the first place, they felt a quaking, and heard a great noise, and after that they heard a sound as of a great multitude, saying, “Let us remove hence”

The Roman Historian Tacitus retells the same story of the days before Jerusalem’s fall. Writing in 115 A.D. he says:

In the sky appeared a vision of armies in conflict, of glittering armor. A sudden lightning flash from the clouds lit up the Temple. The doors of the holy place abruptly opened, a superhuman voice was heard to declare that the gods were leaving it, and in the same instant came the rushing tumult of their departure. Few people placed a sinister interpretation upon this. The majority were convinced that the ancient scriptures of their priests alluded to the present as the very time when the Orient would triumph and from Judaea would go forth men destined to rule the world.”

One is also reminded of Jesus Christ’s prediction of great disturbances in the skies prior to Jerusalem’s final days in the opening years of the 1st century in the common era.

The never ending question for UFOlogists has always been – Why then and why there?

It is obvious that Jerusalem is the center of three of the world’s main religions. The significance of it then and its possible role in an end of the world scenario much prophesied makes one wonder as we have on this website before whether or not time travelers are at play attempting to alter or secure the course of human history. It would actually make prophecy more plausible as the prophecies may have been based on scientific fact if somehow the authors had details of such technological interventions!

The bible often predicted in the Old Testament and in Jesus’ own words of troubles in the skies. Were they talking of comets and asteroids or of armies in the air – time travelers perhaps that were either attempting to alter the timeline or preserve it.

To anyone living in the 21st century it is obviously impossible for armies to be fighting in the skies in the 1st century A.D. But if one invokes time travel then we have a legitimate theory to expound.

Who would gain from altering the course of history? Quite a few it turns out. The Americans, the Russians, the Chinese, the Jews, the Muslims, the Christians – HEY!! That’s just about everybody isn’t it!

And why does it seem to be a question of religion?

A more recent example of temporal tampering may be seen in Germany over Nuremberg in 1561. In perhaps one of the most significant UFO sightings in the history of the world an aerial battle was seen by thousands of inhabitants and enshrined for eternity in a woodcut by Hans Glaser several years after the event.

Before we go into the details of the Nuremberg sighting lets describe the religious climate of the time. It was only 40 years earlier that the great schism in the Catholic Church occurred with the breakaway views of Luther and Protestantism.

Where did these earth changing events take place? You guessed it! Germany. And besides Nuremberg there are several other documented aerial sightings and battles in the skies over Germany and Switzerland in the ensuing years. What was taking place? What was the attraction of so many UFOs to a place so torn by religious differences? Were these UFOs attempting to reconcile the Christian Faith? Or were they attempting to ensure division? How many possible scenarios may have played out with assassinations and counter-assassinations taking place on the ground during these years to ensure a certain outcome or an alternative one!! We may never know. So on to the analysis!!

This paper aims to understand one aspect of the famous Nuremberg UFO sky battle of April 14, 1561 – that of the huge black spear that followed later after the battle. Before going any further please read the description of the day while looking at the photo and pay particular attention to the last sentence.

Translation by “Stapledon”

“In the year 1561 on the 14th day of April in the morning between… [difficult special time phrase]… and… [difficult special time phrase], that is in the morning between 4 and 5 on the little clock, a very horrible vision showed at the sun when she rose and was seen at Nuremberg in the town and in front of the gate and at the countryside by a lot of male and female persons. First the sun showed and was seen with two bloodcolored, halfround strokes like the diminishing moon right through the sun, and in the sun, above, under and on both sides stood bloodcolored and partly blueish or ironcolored, also blackcolored round orbs. The same on both sides and in circled plates around the sun – there were such bloodcolored and the other orbs in great numbers, standing three in a row, sometimes four in a quadruple, also a lot as singles. And between such orbs a lot of bloodcolored crosses have been seen, and between such crosses and orbs were bloodcolored strips, thick behind [“streyme hinden dick”] and to the front a bit smoother than… [? “hocken rho[?]”]. Mixed in between together with others stood two big tubes, one to the right and the other to the left [hand’s side], in those little and big tubes were three, four and more orbs. This altogether began to fight [“streyten”], the orbs first in the sun moved towards the ones standing at both sides, so the ones, which were outside, moved together with the orbs out of the small and large tubes into the sun. Also the tubes moved towards each other like the orbs and everything fought and battled [“gestritten und gefochten”] with each other nearly one hour long. And after the battle, which moved for a while into and again out of the sun from one side to the other most violently, exhausted itself by each other, everything (as drawn above) fell from the sun and the sky down to the earth like burning altogether and vanished [“vergangen”] down on the earth gradually [? “allgemach”] in a big smoke. After such events something like a black spear, the shaft from sunrise [east] and the head towards sundawn [west], has been seen with big thickness and length. ”

Everyone is familiar with this battle and the myriad craft types associated with it. It is clear two opposing forces did battle in the sky with casualties crashing to the ground as well as a clear winner. Oh to do an archeological dig here also for fighter craft remnants!!!

What isn’t usually focused upon is the large spear like object that appeared later in the day after the fireworks were done. What was it and why did it appear?

My theory is that while the earlier objects were most likely extraterrestrial UFOS with opposing agendas, the black spear is most likely terrestrial in origin. It bears an uncanny resemblance to a B-1 Bomber and there may be a reason for that.

First, AND MOST OBVIOUSLY, B-1 Bombers are black and spear-like.

Second, why would an advanced alien race or races cross interstellar space with a spacecraft or plane in tow that is only capable of flying in earth’s atmosphere when it’s obvious they could use their orbs and flying crosses and tubes to the same effect? Something’s not right. It’s not aliens here!!!!

Could the black spear like object be from another time but terrestrial? ARE WE TALKING TIME TRAVEL? Is this an American 21st century craft and do opposing forces want to impede or advance it’s mission in an all out battle earlier in the day?
Third, if you look very closely at the black spear you’ll notice cuts or canals in its fuselage Could these be the cuts of wing flaps? If so.was the plane descending for a landing? If so, to where?

Finally, if you look very very closely at the Nuremberg woodcut you will see that just behind the lower left wing of the black spear is a small rectangular protrusion. Looking at the B-1 photo, we see a similar rectangular protrusion just past the cockpit and just before the start of the upper right wing. Coincidence? Intentional attention to fine detail in the 1566 woodcut?


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