World Crises And Negotiations

Perhaps, because of the Internet, or the multiple avenues of cable and world – news, we seem, to witness, almost daily, far too many instances, where it is challenging to differentiate, between, true issues (which need immediate attention), and those, manipulated, by someone, for their own, personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! How often, are we told, there is, Breaking News? How can everything, every day, be, breaking news? While there are, certainly, far too many crises, not everything, is a crisis! Have you ever wondered, why, our elected officials, seem to accomplish so little, and, appear to be paying attention, selectively, rather than, either, realistically, or in a focused way? With that in mind, this article will attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss, a few current situations, where we can’t always, be certain, whether something is important, or, merely, some photo – op.

1. North Korea: If the President claims, he believes the leader of North Korea, and claims, if anyone else was President, there would be war, is that reality, or, at best, stretching the truth? When advisers, and experts, indicate, there has been no real progress, in reducing nuclear weapons, there, but Mr. Trump, claims historic achievement, and walks away, with an apparent, empty promise, but no agreement (in writing), is this, Real, or is it Memorex?

2. NAFTA: Donald Trump, often, stated NAFTA, was a terrible agreement, and, after, much ado, negotiated, a different agreement (which may, or may never be agreed to by Congress), was this an achievement/ success, or lots of fluff?

3. The Southern Wall: How much attention has been spent, on all of Trump’s efforts, to build his Southern Wall? Although, the vast majority of experts, state, this is an inefficient, ineffective, extremely costly symbol, the President proclaims to his core supporters, he is keeping his campaign promise. He also claims, his opponents are weak on border security, unless/ until, they support his wall! He was willing to shut down the Government, in his demand for this, and, now, seeks to declare a National Emergency, to alter, how we fund things, in this nation. Conveniently, far too little focus, is spent, on repeating his entire campaign promise, which was, building the wall, and Mexico, would pay, for it!

4. Iran Deal: Abandoning the Iran Nuclear Deal, because of his claim, it was not working (although most experts, here, and in the rest of the world, stated otherwise), where was there any real benefit, especially, on the risk/ reward, scale?

While politicians, have always relied, heavily, on empty rhetoric and promises, when this is done, by public officials, it often puts the nation, at – risk! Wake up, America, and truly, make America, as great, as it should always be!

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