How to Light a Fire in a Wood Burning Stove


Wood consuming ovens have an entryway at the front where the wood is put and afterward lit. The smoke that is delivered leaves behind the pipe and through the fireplace. It sounds extremely clear, be that as it may, it is imperative to utilize the correct kind of wood, since this influences execution as well as on the grounds that utilizing some unacceptable sort can be harming.

Therefore it is basic to utilize wood that has been dried out (or prepared) for in any event a year. This is an overall rule albeit various kinds of wood set aside fluctuating measures of effort to dry out. Woods that are soggy can cause a development of tar in the fireplace and once this pitch arrives at a specific temperature it can get light, causing a fire risk.

To prepare your wood, slice it to the necessary size and stack it. Guarantee that it is covered however that the sides of the heap are open so the air can get to them. The wood will likewise profit by being kept inside for a few days before use. You can check whether your wood is very much prepared in light of the fact that most of wood will get part at the closures once dried out.


Fuel is the little bits of dried wood that are utilized to light the fire. It very well may be set up by slashing up some prepared kindling into little, long pieces with the goal that it looks like little sticks. Great woods to use for fuel are beech or debris. Just as being prepared, you ought to guarantee that any wood utilized in your wood burner has not been painted, stained or treated with a wood additive.

Sorts of Wood

A few kinds of wood consume better compared to other people so it is ideal to know about the characteristics of various sorts of wood. The appropriateness of a specific sort of wood will rely upon different factors, for example, how effectively it lights, how quick it consumes, what amount of time much warmth it radiates and how it requires to prepare. Also, a few woods can be adverse, like pine and tidy when newly cut, as they emit a great deal of smoke and starts, and can deliver a thick layer of tar on the dividers of the fireplace.

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By and large, delicate woods consume rapidly, with hard woods consuming all the more gradually. All woods have various attributes, yet some great decisions for wood consuming ovens are debris, beech and hazel. Those that are of an inferior quality for consuming incorporate birch, larch, pine and poplar.

Building the Fire

Despite the fact that there are various strategies for lighting a fire in a wood burner, the accompanying technique is a decent one. Start by eliminating any debris from inside the oven to guarantee that it isn’t obstructing the progression of air into the fire. You should then open the vents at the lower part of the oven as these permit air to course and will thusly assist the fire with lighting.

Then, place some scrunched up paper at the lower part of the fire; old paper can be convenient for this. It is ideal to utilize a lot as this will assist the flares with spreading along the base of the fire. You should then place a layer of fuel sticks on top of the paper with the goal that the sticks get over one another in various ways.

Lighting the Fire

Whenever you have wrapped up laying the fuel sticks you can set light to the paper. It is ideal to do this in a few places at that point shut the oven entryway. At the point when a significant part of the ignite has become lit, a couple of huge bits of wood can be set on the fire. You ought to guarantee that the broiler isn’t totally full by just adding three to four enormous bits of wood at a time. As the fire constructs, slowly close the base air vents and open the air vents at the highest point of the oven. The thought is to decrease the air supply while keeping a decent degree of flares.

Ideal Performance

For a wood fire to consume adequately it needs a decent inventory of air. Nonetheless, it is significant not to overheat the oven, as continued overheating can make harm the metal. You can handle the level of the fire by changing the air supply utilizing the vents or the mesh.

To check whether your oven is consuming effectively investigate the blazes through the glass entryway. These ought to be vivacious and obvious. Signs of a wasteful fire are if the flares are moderate or irregular, the fire is smoky, or there is tar on the window. In the event that the window gives indications of tar, there could likewise be tar stores in the stack, which addresses a fire peril. As has effectively been focused, guarantee that the wood has been prepared before it is utilized in a wood consuming oven, as soggy woods can likewise cause a development of gum or tar in the smokestack.

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